The Arizona Corporate Council on Veteran Careers is focused on maximizing career opportunities for all service members, veterans and their family members statewide. This voluntary corporate council works in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, the Arizona Coalition for Military Families and other key stakeholders in support of the Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment.

Spearheaded by Arizona Public Service and USAA in 2016, the council was conceived to ensure that our Arizona veterans have every opportunity to not only find gainful employment, but a career befitting of their talents and training through their military service. The Council collaborates to identify best practices to attract transitioning service members while sharing programs within each organization that help retain and propel their veteran workforce to success.

One of the main focal points of the Council is to promote and utilize the Department of Defenses’ SkillBridge initiative, an apprenticeship and internship program designed specifically for the transitioning military service member. With five military installations in Arizona, the talent pool is rich and so it is the goal of the Council to retain this highly trained group to strengthen Arizona’s workforce.